What We Do


Our studies focus on understanding the cognitive mechanisms that underlie young children's language development and learning.


What are we studying?
We are focused on understanding how children learn about the world around them. We study questions like:

How do children learn words?
How do children learn to pay attention to the right information in their busy environments?

How does language experience, like bilingualism, change learning and development?

Who are we looking for?
Families with children under 7 years of age are eligible to sign up!

What does it involve?
Studies involve visiting our lab at ASU in the Department of Psychology and having your child play a fun game or watch a video. Visits last between 30-45 minutes, and families receive a gift for participating. Participation is voluntary.

Visit our SIGN UP page to find out how to get involved!

I am excited to invite families to participate in our research and help us learn more about how the developing mind works
— Dr. Viridiana Benitez, Principal Investigator

What We're working on

  • Conducting research in our lab at ASU to understand learning and development.

  • Conducting research at the Children's Museum of Phoenix's Living Laboratory.

  • Inviting families to participate in our studies.